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First Day of Nursing Week

November 18, 2010 - Today is the first day of the Nursing week in UST. It was fuuuuun. I thought it’s gonna be boring and all that ‘coz I’ve got nothing to do (I didn’t join any event). Turns out I was completely wroooong. I really had fuun. November 18, 2010 is really an awesome day.

I arrived at UST 9:00 AM. Then kwentuhan with 2nd year friends and blockmates sa Med Caf. It was 10:00 AM when we went sa  Pasta Plate to eat our brunch. 11:00 AM we went back to Med building to check on our blockmates na kasama sa Centerstage (2nd year competition). Pagdating namin dun, THEY LOOK SO FREAKIN AWESOME! Ang fierce ng dating e. I helped in styling their hair. Then I took some photos with them. Before leaving the room, we prayed to God all together to guide them execute their routine well. 

It was almost 12:30 when we went to Medicine Auditorium to watch our batchmates. All of the performances were great! But of course, I want my section 2-7 to win. I hope they will win. They executed their steps beyond what we expected, I mean they were so GALINGGGG! Synchronized sila for the whole routine. \:D/ I really do hope na manalo sila. :-bd I never thought na yung mga Sophomores na sumayaw kanina that were shakin’ all what they got ay yung mga taong sobrang mukhang anghel kahapon sa Capping. Talk about versatility. ANG GALING NILA! THEY ALL ROCK!

After the Centerstage was the Vaudeville. It was a musical play by the Juniors. It was also a competition, I think? From the props and costume to the singing and acting, super galing! Sobrang effort sila! Well, their efforts paid-off. All of the performances were superb! There were 5 musicals inspired by the Disney movies. First was the Beauty and the Beast then Hercules followed by Aladdin and The Little Mermaid. The last was Mulan which I wasn’t able to watch kasi super late na. :( Aladdin and The Little Mermaid were my favorites! Kahit alin dyan manalo okay lang. :-bd

Overall, this day went great! Sana bukas din! :)